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Properties of honey

Honey is a natural product that does not undergo any alterations or transformations by human hands. The main components of honey are sugar, water, organic acids, mineral salts and enzymes.
Honey is an easily absorbed, high-energy foodstuff.
The glucose in honey provides an immediate energy boost while the fructose is metabolized providing an energy reserve. One hundred grams of honey contain approximately 320 calories.

Honey has been the subject of numerous studies and is widely believed to be endowed with healing and energetic properties. Honey is mainly known for its alleviating effects against cough but also promotes blood circulation and the incorporation of calcium and magnesium into the bone structure. It also has antibacterial properties, and regular consumption of honey has positive effects on the body's defences.

Honey is particularly advisable for athletes, pregnant women, people performing intense intellectual activities and people convalescing. It is especially effective for the healthy growth of children and is well-suited for nourishing the elderly.

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